Available Varieties

Semillas La Palma - Available Varieties

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Dorset Naga Orange Yellow-Orange variety of Dorset Naga (Capsicum chinense) with very hot aromatic pods. Medium sized plants have very good crops.
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10 seeds 2.00 Euro
Kitchenpepper Peach Kitchenpepper is a very hot and extremely exceptional Capsicum annuum variety. The high growing and prolific (perennial) plants provide uprightly growing pods in shape of Scotch Bonnet. Over the last years we have grown a peach-colored variety, which is really beautiful
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10 seeds 2.00 Euro
Rocoto Arequipa Yellow Giant Yellow-orange variety of Rocoto Arequipa Giant, producing one of the worlds largest Rocoto pods (Capsicum pubescens).
In order to get very large fruits, the plants needs plenty of substrate, where the pot size shouldn´t be below 25 liters. Excellent variety to make Rocoto Relleno (stuffed Rocoto)with mild heat
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10 Korn 2.50 Euro
XXL Longhorn SLP This Capsicum annuum variety showed up in a group of Thunder Mountain Longhorn (TML) as a spontaneous mutant. The pods are more than twice as thick as TML and have the same lenght, are only slightly hot and best suited to produce a spicy powder.
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10 Korn 3.00 Euro